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Getting Started

Welcome to the Samios Plumbing website. We are here to assist you in enhance you’re your workflow and your experience with us. This quick article will help you get the basics to get going.

Logging into your Samios Plumbing Online Account

To utilise the multiple features of the Samios Plumbing website, you will need to log in first.

To log in, simply go to my account icon and type in your username and password. The username format is 'sam' followed by your account number e.g. sam12345.

Logging In

Here you can access your My Account, My Company, Orders, Favourites, Change the branch you are shopping at, create a new password or sign out of your account.

Brand New Category Menu

The side menu is now further refined and easier to search for the products you are looking for.

Category Menu

Entire Catalogue Search

How do I access the entire catalogue?

There are two ways to get to the by search the entire catalogue.

From the 'No Results' search page.

If you searched for the product and it does not appear from the product search, the option will appear on the 'no results' search page. Simply click 'search entire catalogue' and input the Samios or Supplier product code.

Catalogue Search No Results

From the 'Category Page'

If you searched for the product however, the results are not what you were after. Simply scroll to the bottom of the website and access the 'entire catalogue' search page from there. Then simply input the Samios or Supplier product code you were after.

Catalogue Search Products

Still unable to find what you were after?

Reach out via the Live Chat!

Reset My Password

Help! I’ve forgotten my password. Don’t worry we’ve all been there, and it’s really easy to reset your password. Simply click the My Account Icon, go to the 'Forgot my password' link and insert your email address allocated to your account.

A link will be sent to your account and simply follow the prompts to reset your password.

Reset Password

My Account

Introduction To My Account

The Samios My Account Dashboard is the central control hub of the online features. Here you can access the following options: Orders, My Favourites, Quotes, Account Statements, Invoices & Account Details.


Find your current order history and (if you have access) view orders that require approval.

Current Order History

You will find all of your previous orders here and you can also search for any orders via:

  • Order Number
  • Status
  • Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Date
  • Order Number
  • Purchase Order Number
Current Order History

My Favourites

Do you have a consistent basket of goods that you order, search words that you just can’t remember or you have predetermined products per stage of a project? Then 'My Favourites' is your go to tool.

View and Order My Favourite Products

Creating a Favourites List

First things first let’s create a brand new list. Simply add a name into the field and optionally add a description.

Create Fav List

Default Favourites List

When adding products into your favourites, the item will be allocated to your default favourites list. To allocate a product to a different list, you would need to change your default favourites list.

To change your default favourites list, click the drop down and pick the list you would like items to be added to and click change default favourites list button.

Default Fav List

Where can I get my price file?

You can access your price file from your 'My Account', simply go to Request a price file under 'Quotes'.

Type in your home branch, email address, and select your file format and the amount of prices you would like to export e.g. 1000.

Note1: If you do not use the any of the software listed in the file format menu, selecting simPRO would give you a detailed export.

Note2: Please be patient and only send through the request once. Price files may take up to a couple of hours to be generated and emailed, depending on server loads.

Price File

Pay my invoice online

You can also pay for all your invoices online, by going to view & pay your invoices under the invoice tab.

You can select any amount of invoices you would like to make a payment for, refine the invoices by adding dates and view the invoices.

Pay Invoice

My Company

Tailor how you want your company to interact with Samios Plumbing Online. Add more users, manage your cost centres and add budgets and more.

Managing your users

Add and alter your users to how you see fit. Simply create a user, enter their details and assign them their roles and access.

What does each role do?


Has complete control over the Samios account, can create and manage users and assign cost centres.


Has access to 'My Company' and can update user profiles. A manager can also be assigned as an 'Approver'.


Has access to 'My Account' permissions and has the ability to approve any pending orders and any over spends. Does not have access to 'My Company'.


Limited access and can only view order that have been placed.

Manage Cost Centres

All orders purchased on credit must be registered against a cost centre, allowing you to have further control over your online account. To create your customer centre simply click manage cost centres.

Add Budgets

Set budget limits your organisation can spend on the online Samios store in a given period. A budget can also be set to each business unit via cost centres.

(*Note you can set a start date any day after the current day, allowing you to plan out your budgets over a period of time. For example, if you want to set up budgets on a monthly basis, you can set them all up at the same time.)