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In order to ensure complete transparency for all parties, we wish to keep you as informed as possible, of all the changes we are experiencing in the current climate, in particular those pricing changes.

There is no denying the situation around COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and in turn causing significant market uncertainty. Its impact on the global supply chain and foreign currency exchange is understandably causing a significant volume of price increases across all suppliers. As more information on the situation is being made available daily, we cannot say for certain however we do expect this trend to continue throughout 2020 and foreseeable future.

The level of these price increases varies from supplier to supplier and due to the volume it would not be practical to be sending you these notifications as we receive them as it would become quite cumbersome.

Therefore to keep as informed as possible, we have created this landing page where you will find all the latest supplier price change notifications.

Any further information you require, please contact your local branch.

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