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Our Experience

Exceptional Customer Service and Experience

Samios Plumbing Supplies understands that superior service is vital for success so we are committed to developing and maintaining strong, ongoing relationships with customers based on high quality products, solid service and professional, informed advice.

We are always one step ahead, continually improving our product knowledge and staying up to date with the latest industry trends. When our customers decide to move in a new direction we are right there with them, providing professional advice and the right products and solutions.

We are focused on providing excellent customer service whilst constantly expanding our product range and networks so we can offer you the best products at the best price.

Since 1947 we have been helping our customers achieve success in a range of fields. We have the expertise and experience to manage projects of any size across sectors such as health, education, government, construction, oil and gas, industrial, mining, and civil.

Training and Product Information Sessions

To ensure we continue to provide solid service and professional, informed advice we are committed to continually training staff on the latest news, products and technologies. To achieve this we have invested in a company-wide intranet with a content-driven platform, and have developed an integrated training facility complete with a highly experienced training manager.

We also provide information sessions on new products and technologies, as well as tailored training for our customers, as it is required. Our integrated training facility and highly experienced trainers will ensure you feel confident about installing and maintaining new products and solutions. We are always one step ahead, with the latest industry trends and product knowledge

Our Showrooms

We work in partnership with quality Australian and international brands that combine style, innovation and great value for money. With stylish modern showrooms throughout Australia, customers are sure to find what they need to transform dreams into reality. Our expert showroom consultants provide innovative ideas to inspire you, guide you with clever design ideas, and make product selection simple so you can create a contemporary space that will last the test of time.